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area news station. this is the kron4 news morning news. q four joining us. the nuclear incident at the plant has been raised from a fort 2 of 5 and the skills of to said. i find waiting period of four, what it was before it is a big local consequences. of fiat has a wider consequences. they have been cooling the generator, allowing them to punt seawater into the reactor. there are using water cannons from the ground and helicopters for above. operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant. they did not realize that the system to pump water into one of their reactors during an emergency was not working. it had been accidentally disabled for 18 months, operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant near san luis obispo didn't realize that a system to pump water into one of emergency wasn't working. it had been accidentally disabled by the plant's own engineers, according to a report issued thursday on the safety of nuclear reactors in the united states. the report, from the union of concerned scientists watchdog group, lists 14 recent "near misses" instances in which serious problems
: the same agency that tells us about spare the air dazes watching japan. we will tell you of radiation is making its way to the bay area >> mark: a big wave server dies at mavericks' will give you details of a moment. >> live from the bay area new station this is a kron 4 morning news. >> darya: march 17th, 2011 happy st. patrick's day. >> james: it's a cold morning as you head out the door. 18 degree difference in novato compared to yesterday. livermore 15 degrees cooler, you get the idea. we have a big storm headed our way in our weather update we will break that down for you. >> george: it has been a quiet start to the morning commute, we are ignored things may change with an accident on 580 in livermore. >> mark: beginning with an crisis. extreme measures trying to prevent a a small down at the japanese call plant. the military was trying to cool those reactors somehow. desperate measures to dump water from helicopters. in hopes of trying to collect, the flight to up been suspended, radiation levels remain high. this attempt is not working. they'll bracing to try and finish a new p
. japanese forces took to the air using helicopters to drop seawater on reactor no. 3 to cool the damaged reactor's all that nuclear- power plant. experts believe steam rising from the bulls may be releasing radiation into the atmosphere. officials had been working to resolve cool in crumbs out for of six reactors. >> it may be too early to judge, we believe will help to cool down the fuel the span the data that will be receiving from the government. we'll be able to verify whether the mission has met with success. >> reporter: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy to the jobless public. he also offers support including, of the support related to the nuclear-power plant. >> reporter: the united states urged its citizens to move away from the power plant. u.s. state renounced church sites will be made available to u.s. citizens who have to leave. law will also provide an on android to providing over the site the idea is to give the japanese government a better idea what may be going
a deadline for today and now he's hoping to use the extra time to convince more lawmakers to put the tax extension on the ballot. he's just a few lawmakers short. the voters said yes to measure-a they approved the tax to support the city's schools it will prevent school closures and maintain class sizes. the district may have to consider cuts if they're not approved in june. oakland schools are $12 million short they're looking to send out hundreds of pink slips. >> caller: the was not unanimous but it was not close. six-one the oakland school board decided to send out letters to 538 teachers telling them next school year they may not have jobs. >> do not vote for these layoffs. >> is not acceptable. we cannot accept a single layoff. we've been at the bare bones and beyond. >> reporter: despite leading the british rock as long as possible. >> there's simply nothing else we can do to avoid this. >> reporter: nearly half of the layoff notices will go to grad cable-5. >> one of the things i'm going to do is vote no on this. >> reporter: one board member voted no. >> there's a bunch of pe
on bring county. picking up one last camera for use in the upper to the lower east shore freeway. alive look near golden gate fields. we have no accidents or incidents to report of a good drive time from about 16 minutes to san francisco. >> the very latest on the concern in japan. they raised the rating from 4 to 05 on as as of level 7 rating. they are scrambling to shoot water in and around the power plants to no. 3 reactor. this is the fourth round of this operation that involved crops over water from helicopters all in an attempt to cool the poll. white paper could be seen rising as after was doused from water. it has been 1 weeks since a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. survivors have a moment of silence. 6500 people confirmed dead, at 10,300 people missing. 452,000 are without homes. the head of the u.s. regulatory system says it could take days and possibly weeks to get japan's mass under control at the power plant. u.s. is helping japan deal with this crisis. president obama spoke about the situation yesterday. mr. obama visiting the japanese embassy in washington d.c.. he wrote a me
of libya. >> reporter: air will allow the current coalition led by the u.s., u.k., france to stand down. that may please some legislators to criticize president barack obama for u.s. involvement. former secretary of state madeleine albright says the president made the right move. >> i think he handled it very well, the reason we intervened this is terrible things are happening on the ground near libya. people were being killed, gaddafi himself had said he was going to slaughter everyone. we had an international support for. >> reporter: the first set of data will be to take charge of the no-fly zones >> justine: . facing mounting concern over the proposed mission president barack obama is scheduled to address the nation today, a live event scheduled for 4:30 p.m. we wish be sure to light in exactly what he says. coming up, the latest on the worsening situation in japan will take about 6.5 magnitude aftershock and the latest on the radiation concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 new
, how to respond. let's go live to jackie sissel who has been monitoring it. >> reporter: they're using all the information they can, i'm here this san francisco department of emergency management, this is the operation center. this is all the coordinating agencies, what they're doing is they're working city-wide to come up with a strategy of response to the tsunami warning that has been issued. they went over new data, figure out there basically nothing has changed they feel like everything is still status quo. there were call to this operation around 1:00 a.m. once was determined that there was a tsunami threat. they all came to the emergency office. it is everything from fire, communications, police, transportation, all of these differ department heads are coming here to go through these trials, they know who to call, who to alert, who to contact. that is what they've been doing all morning. use of the fire chief, he has been called the operation center. --you saw the fire chief he has been called here. they're getting a tremendous amount of calls from 911, they don't want people to
the emergency funding in totaling over $300 billion. economic reports u.s. businesses sold more industrial supplies in the final three months of last year. that pushed the deficit to the broadest measure of foreign trade to los colinear. the bailout of banks and on lawmakers to help prevent a crisis but may have sowed the seeds of the next economic crisis. >> darya: everyone seems to be getting wet today james? >> james: all the wet areas in the north pretty much gone now. we are only seeing rain along the 680, sliding it further we see the stretch of 24 near what muckrake and the caldecott cut total getting light rain right now. over the peninsula maybe some shower activity along 2 80 as you make your way along that corridor. other than that shower activity will stay sporadic and light through the morning. at noon scattered precipitation, by your afternoon ride things will look dry, staying dry overnight into tomorrow. thursday looks good for the most part but then we start to slow things up and get things wet as we head into thursday evening in friday. mid to low 50s right now, that cold
. he also urged an effort to rescue. president barack obama is reviewing aid the u.s. is giving japan. the president is meeting with u.s. agency for international development to discuss the disaster assistance. japanese stocks are rebounding the nikkei recovering nearly 6 percent, from a two day plunge. the nikkei ended up for under 89 points or 5.7%. it dropped 16% over the first two days this week. japan's central bank injected $43 billion into the financial markets. in the u.s. futures are slightly higher after a japanese stocks rebounded and closed down 138 to 11,000. the s&p fell 15 points the nasdaq shedding 34. stay with kron4 and www.kron4.com for continuing coverage on the japan quake. we will give you the latest. if you are getting up there will probably be some more on the roadways. but it is a leftover from rain or the rain continued to come course york >> louisa: it will continue to come and lease for the beginning portions. will drive up by this afternoon. golden gate bridge, where we're expecting scattered showers and trying out the next bettering hamsters on friday bal
is available from southbound 880. the off ramp 2 washington avenue is completely blocked. you'll have to use another ramp to get on to the nimitz freeway. we are not badly backed up here, somewhat surprisingly. progress has been made, there has likely been some damage to the beryl's on the scene. and perhaps the embankment. so it is likely we may not see this completely open to until 9:00 a.m. which means it will be closed through the commute. we were tryintracking e bay shore freeway in the northbound direction and accident on the shoulder. there is a bigger back up here and there was on the nimitz freeway. give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes for your north bound be short ride.bayshore ride. your e bay bridge no problems westbound still and smooth and easy ride. san a tale bridge still looks good here with westbound 92 unimpeded. time for weather. >> louisa: we are warming up today, the big warmup comes by tomorrow. one night craig, mostly clear out there as we head towards tomorromostly cleas tomorrow. right now we will warming up slightly, temperatures expected into the '60s today. sales
fails. the new starts now. but not live, from bay area this is kron4 news. >>mark: let us start with weather today. >>james: this is a satellite image of, cover, headed our way. do not to let it fool you. and they stay on tap for today. temperatures, now part in the mid-40s. cool spots in the north they. and a pop. will break it down for a coming up. >>george: quick check for traffic, the hot spots, the delays. there are no delays with james like for way it is joining that ate. >>darya: taking all look at the bay bridge. work is finished. but they finished the next big step, anyway. they have installed the power. yuli is out taking a look at. >> reporter: good morning daria. it they are able to complete it at a time. they thought it was quite to take longer than this. especially, in the middle of the week have we had bad weather. rain, wind to contend with. they worked around the clock to get the fourth section place and that last leg was placed early this morning around 1:00 a.m.. they were able to put it in place. work is complete so far. they still have to put the fifth tier
>> good morning and think you for joining us on this wide morning. that we have team coverage. at least that and gen that are out. mark >> all lot of things are going on. you are born to focus on whether it is coming in on the morning. but when you get heavy downpours like this we have a lot of warnings. will be talking about all of this, and you get right into it. james >> the have this stuff up north to fairfield. let us get a sense of how bad is right now. from fairfield a little stretch of i-80 to back a bill we are seeing a fairly intense shower. look at the rainfall rates in the heavier area is about one- half inch falling per hour ended is falling closer to this it. we have a fairly decent bit of rain falling. to the raids are at 1 in. or more be careful of that. concord is seeing some rain and livermore. it we have and in 10's hour. about one- half inch per hour and it could intensify as we continue throughout the morning ride. look at how red we are today. that very well could be it thunderstorm activity. i just want to take a book here. two and a half inches falling in the dia
today. they're being given out at four u.s. bases in japan. nine days after the quake and his nominees year-old woman and a teenage border rescued from wreckage in the house. rescuers found the boy is suffering from hypothermia on the roof of his prose. inside the front his grandmother week by contras. the two were in the kitchen when the quake struck. the very latest in this situation in libya, a cruise missile blasted the compound it is unknown where he was when the missile hit. pentagon officials say the u.s.-led coalition has succeeded dense scattering and isolating libyan forces of gaddafi after week a punishing air attacks. others believe that the military is under significant stress. that is included stealth bombers, jet fighters, 120 tomahawk cruise missiles and other high-tech weapons. is there to fight saying we promised a long war. " >> james: will follow that story as it develops. now, here is a look at the weather. >> george: we have a little bit of wet weather to talk about, more showers today the beginning of a series of systems. it's a few shares working their way to ha
. >> darya: it is monday, march 21st, thank you for joining us. >> mark: more storms to come we will get to the whether a second. but we will start with hot spot on the bridge. >> george: 2 car accident in the westbound direction, re-your buena island appeare. also pullr the scene is the third vehicle, it is an owner of that third vehicle has been involved. we have not activated the metering lights but as you can see traffic is moving pretty well across the span. it is possible bridge cruise may have gotten that lane open. perhaps a little better news. better news on highway 4. all lanes are open, things are starting to pick up a bit already. this is usually as slow stretch from antioch to pittsburgh. it is likely this back up will reach the bypass. better news in the westbound direction all lanes have been reopened at leverage where a motorcycle crashed. if you're headed to the sierra, you are going to need chains in interstate 80 and u.s. highway 50. though portions of it has been completely shut down between kirkwood and silver lake because of the high snow levels there. let's find ou
the bay area news station in this is a kron 4 morning news. >> darya: think you for joining us this thursday morning. >> mark: get ready to build that arc with another storm coming in. james with a look at what we are going to expect. >> james: half-inch of rain for everybody, it will be a good supper. this is the beginning of the cold front pushing in, we will steelman and take a closer look at the bay area. more intense showers to the north right now, novato between san rafael 101 that is probably where we see the most intense showers. there is a cell moving toward highway 37, if that's part of your morning it ride that will be it wet one for you. san rosa seeing a band of showers as well, that intensifies as we head toward 7:00 p.m. east bay looking clear for the moment, south bay dealing with the scattered showers again it is light in comparison to what we will see in just a little bit. storm tracker for shows us some of a wide view this is how big this is. we expect the heavier rain beginning to fall in north north bay at 7:00 a.m., you can see the color yellow indicating
a nonnuclear power plant. the fuel round rods or temporary exposed and they're using a measure of using sea water to try and cool the reactor. 11 workers were injured in a hydrogen explosion at one of the reactors. there was a similar explosion saturday. they say small amounts of radioactive material have been released. >> darya: we have more destruction here and what happened in japan. this shows how violent the movement from the tsunami was. this is a bust. the blast was placed on top of the building. that's where it was placed. there is a house that has been placed by the russian waters up on to the building. --russia. you can seee because of the quake and the tsunami. this is our road cracking and splitting during the quake. it left parts of northern japa >> mark: japan's stock market huge crop. the index losing over six percent, down 600 points. that would be equivalent to us losing 722 points. the central bank holding financial institutions will continue to loan money to help meet the mass of demand for funds. stock futures here in the united states headed negatives. the negative did
to build than. those temperatures will really grab hold of us we will stay warm red on through friday. as we head toward saturday we have the next chance of showers. more dry weather after that. current temperatures are are ready on the warm side 54 for san francisco, santa rosa 50, oakland, hayward. the amount you topping every around 53. save for san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. what it shows us is warm weather. lookit that warm stretch warming up even more by tomorrow mid '80s. certainly record-breaking territory we will continue with warm weather friday. big drop in temperatures by saturday it will not last long temperatures start to rebound. >> erica: for those of you just getting on at the door no hot spots or delays. if you're heading over to the bay bridge westbound 80 looks good. traffic moving good. leading lights are off, no problems getting to that bridge excellent drive times of 18 minutes. san mateo bridge, westbound 92 traffic very cagey. lots of space. traffic approaching foster city, bright lights and east bound into hayward we do not have any o
-2000 seek6. police say it is possible the driver had used up because someone bugs was pulling in and out. making this late turnaround there wasn't enough room was a traffic infraction. the leaving him laying there on the road, speeding off that was a felony. >> we believe the individual had to know someone was in need of medical attention to >> reporter: . 30 police officers swarmed to the area they could not find a light blue honda they now want the public's help. >> justine: the barry bonds perjury trial continues today with the people taking the stand including an ex yankee, a former trainer, yesterday there was kron4 testimony from one of the most anticipated witnesses. dan kerman was in court for testimony from bronzes foremabox is from a witness. >> reporter: she testified that an hour about imagery was because of steroids he told her was " not something he did all the time, steroids was the reason other players were getting ahead, achieving. " he exhibited some of the side effects associated with the excessive use of steroids. in addition to his body getting bigger, he had acne
documents they had to use the cow palace as a library. will tran kron 4 news. >> darya: 6:06 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes. let's look at the golden gate bridge we have word that sfo are having delays of an hour and eight minutes. oakland and san jose everything is running on time. it looks like the golden gate bridge is wet at the moment. okay, there we are... um, these days we're all trying to save money, that's why i'm shooting this commercial myself, at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part? check it out. my warm and flaky croissant sandwiches. supreme or sausage. both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ ryan ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help
. >> james: by tonight it will be right over top of us. we won't have to wait long, we have another storm system and away we are d.c. rain falling over the oakland bay bridge. if you're headed to the macarthur maze it is what they're you sure wiper spirit another storm headed toward san francisco. so you know we have sprinkles headed towards the city at the moment. temperature was cooling off a couple more degrees. 47 in oakland, 38 in napa, low to mid- 40s in the east bank.bay. let'sw you future cast 4 we will walk you through it. shellers pop up at 3:00 p.m. this evening intensifying this evening. -- showers pop--tonight more intent showers popping up you can see the yellow sections increase hour by hour. but by overnight 11:00 p.m. widespread to moderate rain all round the bay area. depending on where you or you could be a light rain, the next, you know heavy downpour. then it will move on, is fairly fast moving, wednesday at 1:00 a.m. a lot of scattered moderate showers going on. all day wednesday will last take burn off wednesday evening. we will have two full days of rain plus tonig
u.s. marshals were shot trying to make an arrest at the home of the south side of the city appeared to have been taken to hospital, 2 to one hospital the second to third hospital. the suspect has the shot as well. they have a us standoff, hostage situation. it happened about 6:50 a.m. three marshals showed up at the suspect's door to taken into custody. he opened fire, he told his sister he was going out in a body bag. the other witnesses say there are three children in the home but they were taken to another home just before this broken out. award was issued for the suspects arrested. i'm getting some news from the newsroom. to marshal shot, there there is a city worker. >> darya: 617 a lot to learn from new jersey, extreme flooding, they have had rain, the hackensack river has overflowed its bank. a new video from upstate new york. all of the snow, all of these cars are buried. it was a fast-moving storm moving through the area, class's are cancelled nearby. low temperatures expected well below freezing for the rest of the week. possibly more snow this weekend. >> mark: lets youto
as we go through this week's series of storms. >> justine: world news, we will start and libya u.s. military says the plane has crashed in libya but it was not shot down. one crew member was safely removed now they're trying to remove the other member. both have minor injuries. more explosions, anti-aircraft fire around libya's capital happen overnight it seemed to be coming nearer compound belonging to gaddafi. this is a target of building to about some of the regime's ability to command and control troops. the focus is shifting to extending the reach of the no-fly zone. officials say that today assault on air defenses has been largely successful and checked out this, heart stopping scene of what appears to be attack on civilians. >> of, of this video service duron www.youtube.com it was reportedly taken two hours east of tripoli. cnn has not verified when or where were shot or who is responsible for that explosion. >> james: the latest set of japan evacuees are anxious to return to their home near power plants but have no idea whether there will take days months, or possibly even
now, maybe the two left lanes. we will know the details when will tran reports to us. he is on route to the scene. for now the traffic has backed up to highway 92. even though it is early in the morning when you take away that many lanes it is likely to have a bigger impact. and in past of this san mateo bridge, westbound direction also 92. 2 80 is your best bet to completely avoid the problem. because this is reported as a fatal accident, a supervisor is being summeresummd along with the corner. the bay bridge westbound, problems here, an easy ride in the next 30 minutes we will see the meter lights activated. if you're in san francisco headed for the peninsula, we will have an easy ride out of town. whether your inbound, or if you're headed off the upper deck of the bay bridge to southbound 1 01. >> darya: 6:03 a.m. all warning to berkeley students a woman walking on campus was attacked. it happened tuesday night on the pathway near the sciences. the man was following her, when she turned around a man exposed himself. when she turned to leave he grabbed her in touch her inappropria
heavier rain moving in. strong wind is a concern. friday showers, the weekend brings us threat of what weather once again. for the first time we're seeing the words dry arid, by next week we could drive. >> erica: we're keeping a close eye on the weather, and if it's affecting your commute. we have a strong wind advisory and a fire to the bay bridge, westbound 80 free ride along the upper deck. california highway patrol is asking if you dry with extra caution. --that you drive for the extra caution. westbound 80, just what the traffic clogs no accident, it incidents, tracking moving to the s curve at a pretty good speed. 16 minutes just pass golden gate in to san francisco. public transit of to a good start, no major problems. >> justine: thank you, team coverage of the latest round of stormy weather, we begin this morning with jonathan bloom, he has more. >> reporter: the rain started falling late in the afternoon it will continue of electors thursday. the area flash flood watch in effect for much of the north bay. this becomes very saturated, that saturated ground is going to lead o
to use 8 walking path to get to and from their homes. just up the street, this home was destroyed by a polish entry. look at this. a woman and her homdog were in there. heavy winds and rains took down the trees. familiar scene of the big area of damage. 6:05 a.m. and we will be right back with more in just a couple of minutes. the keeper watching kron4 news morning. here's a live shot from our refund best avenue. darkness in san francisco. nobody is getting hit too hard we will be right back. (music) >>darya: 6:09 a.m.. they are getting snow just like we got rain. you can see it storm tracker for covering tahoe and the north. they're looking at a few inches. showers and snow. if you get at their age will be great. yesterday they had another foot. then at yosemite national park is open it again. limited access excess after being closed when a powerful storm left power lines down. they still do not have electricity. the main roads leading in have been cleared of snow and falling trees. meanwhile, utility workers are replacing at transmission poll that was knocked out by a rock slide
. no one could get to the airport so let us on the flight early. we're on the roads and they rode close down. things were shaking, it was crazy. the whole day was like being on the boat, rocking, swaying. >> it was crazy, worst thing i've ever experienced. >> i was on a train pot for, things are really shaky. -- train platform. all the trees or closed for new softer--when it was over. hundreds of people were lined up waiting for buses, they really came, shows repair of food,--shells were air of food. it was a panic. >> james: we have more coverage on our website at www.kron4.com. you can access any time for the very latest on the situation that continues develop minute by minute. new details of the san burner gas line explosion, today's the deadline for pg&e to provide records of its pipeline to the california public utilities committee. pacific gas and electric company had inaccurate documents about the pipeline exploded on september 9th. we will sue happens today.--see what happens today. today's the deadline for pink slips to be set out to teachers, here's a preview of the changes. >
of rain. several flooded pfizer is in effect. heavy snow is hitting the sierra. terah for joining us. thank you, for joining us. we have reporters a out in the field and i am here with james fletcher. >> james: was a wider view of california we see a lot of activity let's zoom in and give you a better idea. pops in the south bay in the north bay. up in the north bay we are seeing a light shower activity along 101. novato all the way north. at this when it is still light. we're also following a celtuce near vallejo. although it seems to be downtown) to richmond. it should pick up in the richmond area not to much longer. on aug. still just write it will be pockets of intensity as you're driving along. as i made my way through and across every now and then you run into really heavy rain. italy out there and raise. from the delta also a down into livermore and the entire stretch from livermore to the dublin interchanged it will be heavy. there continuously moving to be on and off as you make your drive says pacing spared a sharp nativity. milpitas coming up in the halls along highway 17
to the north of us. it looks like we could warm up close to that 70 mark, not quite getting their but almost. today warming in to the mid-60s 64 now, fairfield, 66 concord, 62 degrees of this like oakland redwood city, mountainview as well. here is a 7 day around bay, as we head towards midweek winter into the '70s, and then on thursday we connection warm up to about 80 degrees on some of the warmer inland spots. '70s around the bay, an abundance of sunshine by mid-week. we cool it off by friday, saturday bringing in the next chance of rain. >> george: it hasn't warm up in the traffic center, and things are quiet no problems, no hot spots, no delays really. heavy traffic through the altamont on 580, getting to the bridges when found no problem, light and easy traffic no meter lights and no problems on the approaches. san mateo bridge ride to tha good re nimitz still look good at 92. golden gate bridge ride is an easy one as well. has your trip to san francisco? light traffic here. ace train is back in service this morning, it had been out of service last week because of mudslides those have
of thousands of pages of documents. will tran is outside the cal palace to tell us what's going on. >> will: what's going on thi, ty are going through all the documents 100,000 boxes. security guards are refusing to talk to us. we got some information saying there are boxes inside, he would not say how many. we have learned over the past 30 minutes, trucks are coming into the cow palace to pick up shredded documents. the reason they are here, is because after the san bruno gas pipeline explosion, their computer records show there were no seams or welds in the pipe that exploded. when they took the puck back to a laboratory, they found it was welded. they're going through the records, some dating back is far as the 1920's, there are 12 hour shifts, 24 hours a day. the plot is ticking, they want to know the records, they want to know the details about the thousands of miles of pipeline the rain that run through san francisco. if they don't get the records they could be forcing the gas their rights through the pipes to be changed. there could be a big change and that is why they are having to
.60 billion. i need $3 million tv ad comes the week that talk about is due to respond to a lawsuit in u.s. district court for their products by including me. this is the filling is 88 percent beef in the message. another car, another recall. there are recalling corolla cars in brazil for fuel leaks. cars manufactured between march 20008-march 2010. are in need of work. it is the latest in a string of problems. they have recall of more than 14 million cars globally since 2009. insurance institute for highway safety is asking the government for stricter standards covering under red cross eldrills when a car. new h tests show that guards can fail in low-speed accidents and the consequences of occurred sliding under a big break can be deadly. coming up, much more weather, traffic, news the weather today is quickly changing we could see heavy rainfall by tonight. wind is headed are way. we'll tell you more about that in a few minutes. here's a live look at the golden gate, light, easy. we'll be right back. >> will: welcome back to the kron 4 news. if you need to get something then you may want
today. $8.2 billion buyout drove in one of the oldest u.s. media company into bankruptcy protection. a judge must decide between competing plans to leave the door open for lawsuits they were the $1.7 billion in fines for executives have gone to prison. among those convicted or british airways. no major u.s. carriers have been charged. i recall of hands on labs the fda says seven people in three states got sick from eating his lots. three people were hospitalized no deaths reported. there were distributed between november 2nd and 22nd. there were sold in 1 lb. packages to four from big the tracks or in open bins. we will take a break, back with more than a minute. another live look as we go. checking the view from mount tam. crystal clear roadside, more on your forecasts coming up in a bid. >> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live look get 80, as you head to tahoe. the view is dark you can see that there is snow on the ground. chain requirements are in effect. let's get the latest on the forecast. >> louisa: starting off try, that is how it will stay for the rest of the day.
to us today, just behind it we have another system pulling down rain forest friday night into saturday morning. most is the day on saturday we will see right, chances of showers continue sunday. hanging on to them briefly monday, tuesday and then wednesday, thursday we really see the sun shine in the drier conditions warmer temperatures as well the highs getting near 70. at 4 02 a.m. let's check your ride. >> erica: no hot spots off the bat, but are fair share of problems in the traffic center. they're not causing any problems around the bay area, like usual we have strong wind advisories for number of bay area bridges. traffic is moving wall but look out for pools of standing water. although it is wet, windy out there and it won't affect your drive time nine minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont streets have francisco. strong wind advisory at this san mateo bridge, you can see the traffic is light at this hour. no problems here but keep in mind we have that strong wind advisory in effect at the benicia bridge. taking it to the traffic maps the dunbarton bridge we have over
. started positioning themselves around us. a 11:10 p.m. they started issuing disbursement orders. a number of people sat there appearethat. >> mark: 14 protesters were cited and released. three of a cylinder awaiting a court hearing this morning. >> darya: several narcotics officer suspected of setting off a false police reports. they are contradicted by to surveillance video spirit this first video shows police bursting into a home at the henry hotel. removing and handcuffing a man. according to the reports submitted, the officer say they partially opened the door after knocking. got a global permission to enter and arrested the man after finding him a wind and crack. in the second case for officers responding to the hotel. the police report stated, the officers were met in the hallway by a woman who voluntarily open the door to alar" william. but it shows the officer covering the camera. at their officers ordering a woman to open the door. they said they talk to a man inside who told them he was on probation. according to the public defender's office there were never any conversations wi
-quarters of an inch thursday, a weaker storm is expected. this one is bringing us than a quarter of an inch we will continue with wet weather up until friday. friday brings the strong storms. rainfall rates for half an inch to 1 in.. plenty of wet weather had the best. this morning to hunters in the '50s. sumter's in the upper fifties, 57 degrees for livermore as a ticket to the afternoon in the '60s. mid- 60's her sisters to come on the rotor, san francisco. savor oakland, hayward, fremont. warming up to the upper 60s today in places like san as a, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. not much break in the wet weather over the next few days tomorrow bringing in the showers then continue into early wednesday morning. thursday, friday more wet weather is editor way it is molecule escape the wet weather even towards the weekend. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: thank you, friday, wet, no major problems no hotspot to contend with pretty quiet around a bay the purchase the bay bridge preconditions just a few cars streaming in pretty much since straight over the se
to the north. --staying to the north. for us will stay dry just bringing in a few clouds, a little bit of showers. it looks like continuing the sun and cloud cover. here temperatures expected to jump into the '60s. 647 lafayette and san francisco. about 64 san jose, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it is much are in fact. rain back into the picture, another dry day on friday over the weekend, still keeping a slight chance of showers for some of it, sunday. monday more showers. erica? >> erica: hotspot free commute. no major problems on the right. roadways. strong d advisory for the golden gate bridge. keep both hands on the wheel. san mateo, but rather made its way through. pretty good conditions. drive time 14 minutes from end to end. golden gate bridge, your ride that the north bay, very quiet. -- out of the north bay. require where the james lick museum bound central. drive time of just 14 minutes. >> james: thank you, a developing story coming of pleasant hill, residents are being warned of a possible pacific gas and electric company's meter reader impersonator. to add
sissel is giving us a live shot from san rafael to san jose, craig sklar is at stockton it does not look like kids reading at this time but i can see it trees blowing back import house are the winds? speaking they been picking up pretty strongly it is starting to rain. it seems like the scroll is going through the bay. the wind, the rain is whipping up quite a bit. things are deteriorating for the moment. i don't know if it will remain that way. this is quite windy is dying down a little but, this cold front is blowing around. it seems to come and go. >> will: thank you, we have the best team covered all over the bay area keeping here if you want to know what is going on. if you like salmon we have good news, california officials predict a big jump in numbers saying the state could see a return to a full slate of fishing season. they're projecting 729007 from the river rhine. that is up quite a bit. fishermen are loving this latest news. barry bonds was back in court to enter yet another not guilty plea for allegedly lying to a grand jury when he denied knowingly taking steroids. this th
is coming back late sundasaturday night. properain is a small possibility next week but james will tell us more about that later. the stakes get raised and wisconsin's budget battle. they say it is time the senators come back and vote on this bill or face contempt charges. he is ready to limit protests and hand out pink slips. more on the latest with the standoff. >> a new threat for the 14 senators who are refusing to return to wisconsin. state republicans approved a measure holding the senators and contempt. it would allow police to detain and bring the lawmakers back to the capital. the governor blamed a core group of the extreme descenders for standing in the wake of compromise. >> some would be ok with saying two months, maybe even two years. that is unacceptable. >> if this is what it takes to get a democratic south center back that's what it takes. >> reporter: if they don't return he will handle pink slips to government workers. >> if we do not have those savings and effective april 1st, i mentioned back then it's true today, the alternative is find $30 million savings elsewhere. >
> 6.greater 6. we are watching for several more aftershocks to come. storm tracker for showing us dry conditions, we will see temperatures stay into the 50s, 60s today. we have another map showing you the highest moving in to the upper 50s low 60s. your 7 day around bay, showing the fact we will see wet weather sunday, through monday, into wednesday. >> erica: no hot spots on the bay area highways, a reminder a great highway is closed in both directions. we will keep a close eye on that throughout the morning. the bay bridge no problems here, we do have some overnight construction still in effect until 5:00 a.m. shutting down to of the lanes. still looking at drive times of nine minutes from the foot of the maze in to san francisco. no problems at the san mateo bridge, still in joint like conditions in both directions. if you're coming out of the north bay southbound 1 01 to the school to keep bridge. just a couple cars driven their way to san francisco. not tracking any hot spots in the south bay. no. now 1 01, just101 i just checkec clouds no problems to report yet. >> james: we wil
cloudy, of reeks of sunshine. half warming temperatures up. future cash showing us the chance of showers as we had to tomorrow. --future cast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today temperatures to warm up to about 74 degrees in some of the warmer locations today will be the warmest day of the workweek. chance of rain tomorrow. friday, saturday kept in a break off sunday set your clocks forward one hour. next chance of rain sunday-tuesday. >> erica: no hot spots or major accidents. pretty great conditions. slow overnight construction. all regardless, good conditions around the bay area a live look here, just a handful of cars westbound in to san francisco drive time of only eight minutes. san mateo, he may have some difficulty getting their but once you're there accident in incidents free. drive time i've just road-13 minutes. golden gate looks good. very quiet, no cars. westbound-80 very good shape. lots of space. >> james: thank you, by mount diablo school district voted last night to issue 180 pink slips to teachers and staff they made the march 15th deadline to notify tho
and the house for a brief time he came out, then fired at the officers. police recovered a revolver that had use rounds in the cylinders. officers returned fire striking the suspect leaving him dead at the scene. there will be an investigation. in san mateo jonathan blue kron 4 news. >> darya: a group of 15 men robbed a high-tech office in fremont on sunday morning. police believe they are organized and professional band of feet deep spiriof the spiritl phones installed computer parts. nobody got a look at the suspects, no arrests have been made. 400 teachers administrator and aids are going to get state mandated pink slips. they will finalize the layoff notices today. 140 are teachers, in addition to raise the money in the federal money that tax extensions though, could help to save those jobs. >> we have precision's ourself a little better because we didn't spend all of our stimulus money last year. we saved it because this year we knew we would need more. we have had over the last few years having our rainy day fund. >> darya: coming up we will talk about san jose's teachers problems. six 03
. >> justine: good morning thank you, for waking up with us today. it is the last day of the month, it's expected to be a very warm day. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: sunny, warm, we'll have that once again today. we could be warmer than we were yesterday. downtown san francisco, could warm up to 80 degrees today believe better not. we're currently at 52 degrees in san francisco. hayward, fremont up for 50s. monday is 61 degrees. hi all of this yellow is turning to '70s. then as we head towards your afternoon highs, all of this orange indicates '80s. we are expecting more 80 degree readings than yesterday. 7:00, colette ruffin to the '60s may be a few '70s. satellite, radar shows a big bridge sitting over our area. continuing to dominate the area bringing us warm temperatures. we will stage i for the rest of the work week. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing warm weather continuing, cooling down a little towards friday. saturday's slight chance of showers. saturday and sunday pretty testy in terms of those wins. keep that in mind. after that we will st
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are if deciding on whether or not to arm rebels. you are seencnn video here. u.s. officials acknowledge there are operatives on the ground and they have helped in the rescue of a fighter pilot. bruce former secretary says the resignation of the foreign minister can now be the shipping point for gadhafi's regime. an ounce yesterday he has arrived in their country and he was resigning from his place in libya. >> darya: applause and tin soldier has been killed. he was killed on tuesday, and explosion. he is the third soldier to die in combat in the past month. 6:12 p.m. we will be back mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ ryan ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> mark: denjapan's police are fitted with counters are being slowed by radiat
] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. hey marcel, watch this! ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> mark: 2 oakland 51 degrees, by noontime 65 looking for i upper 60s. latest out of the middle east gaddafi says libyans will fight if the no-fly zone was imposed by western nations. that would show the real intention is to seize the wheel. gaddafi made his remarks during that statewide television show. he is opposing that no-fly zone to stop the war planes from striking the rebels. he says if that happens libyans will take up arms and fight. president barack obama is meeting with senior visor's discuss possible intervention and libya. in discussion is
her story to let people know don't use math. in atherton a schoolteacher is on paid leave after rattling a table to get the students' attention. police say it happened, a student called 911 after the teacher rattled the table. the teacher was placed on leave because there was a police response. tralee shane has lost his to twin boys. they were taken from his home in l.a. overnight by authorities. they took the kids away after court order was granted to his estranged wife pluck. she is the boy's mother.wife. charlie shees goddesses watch over him and the twins when he is not around. the boys have been taken away from al. turley sheen is asking to talk about the situation. she is still in a drug treatment. the fascination with charlie sheen is growing now that he has twitter. he has been posting a few pictures, one of them is with one of his to live and girlfriends. they're holding up chocolate milk. 6:23 a.m., back with more a couple of minutes. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me?
drug busts. dan kerman tells us how this police department investigation could have legal implications. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows officers approaching the unit in the hand you're dealt in december after a tip about narcotics. >> police have burst into her home, it appears routine without warrants, the line after the fact to protect the fruits of the misconduct. >> reporter: after attending a master key this year shows them bursting into this apartment rather warrant and without knocking on the door both of which are required. officers lied about it on a police report saying they received written consent. which they say this video shows did not happen. >> if we cannot trust the word or police officer testifying in a case such as this, it calls into question what are they doing out there? >> reporter: in the second incident narcotics officers are seen covering up the camera again police claimed they received for the mission to enter a home. they say they forced their way and with no warrant. >> people live here, these are their homes, just like your cat ward anderson
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